2019 Bullet Journal

Well hello and welcome back! I’ve finally set my bullet journal up for 2019 and I thought I would introduce you to my new baby.. I’m in love! I am in love with bullet journalling and I encourage everyone to at least try it as you never know; it might change your life! It is also never too late to start, just grab a notebook, some pens and you will be off.

This year, I decided to buy a new bullet journal and start afresh. I still have half of my old one left but it was too messy, I’d restarted about 4 times in that so I’m going to use that for other things now. I went for a grey Leuchtturm one and when it arrived, I planned what I wanted in my old bujo.. useful right?

Now this is where it gets different; I’m not using my bujo as a diary this year – I like to plan ahead and not having future months readily prepared freaks me the hell out. So, it is going to be a journal in which I write a sentence or two every day in – whether it be about my boring day at work or that fact I binge watched the whole of Sex Education on one of my days off (true story), I will be trying to write something down about that day so that I can look back on my year. Lets take a look inside…

A quote page and a calendar; how inventive! Now I know most people have these but I think its a good introductory page and what’s wrong with your favourite quote at the start? This year, I’m using the Crayola Super tips to colour, alongside some fine liners that I’ve had for years (please don’t run out on me anytime soon!). The 9 in 2019 went a bit wonky but hey ho, nobody’s perfect.

The next two pages consist of important dates – birthdays, anniversaries etc and our Christmas card list so I’ll keep that one private. Now the fun starts, DISNEY LISTS! I love these lists, as I’ve explained thousands of times over but I will be watching more Disney films this year so hopefully by the end of year, this will be full.

You know its bad when your Netflix page has to turn into pages. Oops. This is a generic overview of Netflix series I have watched, am watching and want to watch with what series I am at. Nothing better than grabbing my red one and crossing a series off! Sex Education was the last series I finished and there will be a review of the series up next on my blog so keep your eyes out!.

Ahh, another one of my favourite pages; my Books of 2019. I’ve so far only read one book, which I’m not happy with but there’s 11 months left of the year to fill this up. On the other side is my films of 2019, where I’ve decided to list all the films I go to see at the cinema this year. I don’t go to the cinema hat often, mainly because its too god damn expensive but I’m looking at getting a Cineworld card for my boyfriend and I so we have to go more. Has anyone got a Cineworld card and would you recommend it?

Yay travel pages! I quite like the first of my travel pages where I’ve listed all the countries I’ve visited and drew a flag – I had SO much fun drawing and colouring these in, I am 23 honest! I hope to add more flag this year so watch this space; well my insta mainly. Next is my Lonely Planet Ultimate travel list (blog post here) and I just wanted to write it out. No other reason why that’s here tbh..

The final page of this section is the volcanoes list which you have all seen before – save the best till last ey! This list might also change a lot by the end of 2019 if things go to plan.

Now its onto the daily journal, my opening page is just a bit of bubble writing (about as arty as I can get) and a few doodles. I plan on doing about a page per week (this photo was taken early on) but if it goes over the one page rule, thats fine.

And thats all for now! I’m thinking about leaving space for the journal pages and now starting an actual bullet journal with the page overviews, weekly plans and other lists but lets see how bored I get when I’m unemployed – which starts on Friday.. ahhhh!

Hope you enjoyed reading; sorry if I rambled it’s been a while. See you next time,

9 thoughts on “2019 Bullet Journal

  1. Raven Black says:

    Very cool. I tried bullet journals, but it just isn’t my cup of tea, hehe Instead I have a planner (a big one) which can fit everything from notes about the day, to appointments and so on.
    But, I have always loved bullet journals and I wish they worked for me.


  2. Bexa says:

    I love your bullet journal pages Liz! They are so colourful, neat and organised. The Netflix page is awesome, it’s a great way to keep up with everything you have watched and what you are planning to. I love the little dairy entries too, that’s a lovely way to look back on your month and reflect. Thanks for sharing! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  3. tralisty says:

    The line a day is such a brilliant idea. I keep thinking that I’m going to start using my bujo as an actual journal but I never get round to it!

    Naomi xo


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