Another explanation…

I feel like I always write these kinds of posts explaining why I haven’t blogged properly in a certain amount of time but this one is a bit more personal and in depth as to the real reason why I haven’t been blogging recently. I last published a post at the end of May, and they’ve been few and far between and here are the reasons why…



Lame excuse I know but starting a job has really changed my life and the routine I was in and I still cannot get one to work where I spend time and focus on my blog. I’m trying to spend a few evenings a week on my blog, but you know, Love Island and the Women’s World Cup has been taking over my life and blogging has taken a backseat. My job is computer based so I like to not be on mine in the evenings to give myself a break which is also one of the reasons why I haven’t blogged. I have decided to make blogging part of my evening routine now, so I won’t promise I’ll be posting regularly but get used to seeing my name pop up again.



This is one that people don’t like to admit but I have a life outside of blogging. I spend my evenings with my boyfriend or his family and weekends seeing friends or my family, so I genuinely have no time to blog, especially if it’s a busy week. I should just plan and utilise my time more but 99% of the time, I get home from work and switch off. I’ve learned that its ok to switch off, to take some time to yourself and to think about things in your life. Hence why I’ve finally written a blog post as I had that life lesson last weekend and I feel so much better.



Quite simply, I had no motivation to write. I have quite a few ideas, which is strange for me, and I was excited to get them out but for a good 6 weeks, I had no motivation. I didn’t like my blog theme, layout, content and that caused me to not want to blog but now I’ve sorted that out, things are different. I know what I want my blog to be, where I want to go with it and how I’m going to change that so the motivation, ideas and work is there, I’ve just got to make it work.



This isn’t a bad reason as to why I’ve not blogged as I’ve been doing something else, I enjoy and something that gives me content but I’ve managed to read 8 books in the last six weeks so that’s taken up most of my time. You can catch up with what I’ve read here. I shouldn’t feel bad for replacing one hobby with another one, but when I have a range of hobbies, it is hard to fit them all in. This is where my planning side is coming into fill force to ensure I do all my hobbies without one feeling left out.



Yep, there we go, I said it. I’m struggling. Things have improved but I have more bad days than good and whilst I’m thankful I can still carry on my everyday life; I don’t want to live like this. I’ve never actually been diagnosed with a mental illness as ironically, I’m too anxious to go to the doctors about my health. I’m so reluctant to go, I’ve been putting off going about my physical health. It’s just a vicious circle that I know I need to get out of an get my health sorted (both physically and mentally) to enable me to live my life the way I want to. There is a range of factors that are affecting my mental health and I’m trying to work through each one logically and find a solution that will make things seem better. I’ve had a few panic attacks over the last few months which I think has been brought on by starting a new job so learning to deal with them in a busy office has been tough. I’ve decided that if I’m still not feeling good by the end of June, I’ll go to the doctors but I’m going to try and fight this myself.


So there you have, that’s my many reasons as to why I haven’t really blogged over the last few months but like I said throughout, I’m making changes to my routine to ensure I fit this in as I do love blogging and the blogging community and I’m not ready to give that up just yet.


Talk soon,


4 thoughts on “Another explanation…

  1. Liz says:

    I’ve felt the same way about my blog recently… Even experienced physical health issues and a setback in my mental health. Then, over the weekend, I found motivation to start fresh and start over and I’m actually excited to write and share again. Take your time and heal yourself; motivation and inspiration will come.


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